The purpose of the Dharma Temple of the Magic Fish Head is Bi-Fold.
First, to hook. Second, having hooked, to redirect the practitioner’s attention from the Bait, up the line towards the Fisherman. And Seeing the fisherman, the Greater Head whispers inside of our minds, “Why?” All existence is both Scientific and Spiritual, both aspects of life exist- to deny one or the other is not only to fault, but to cause further destructive seed to be spilled which will eventually yield the belly fruit of calamity; for without Scientific realization we both deny the Universe and its nature which has been revealed unto us by the blessing of critical thought, and in tandem to deny the deeply rooted hunger which man has for understanding of our purpose and nature, called spiritual, is to settle for flesh faced values which, by the nature of our transitory existence cannot cultivate true fulfillment or wisdom.
And so it is the will of the Temple Maha Sirsa to repair the universe, which exists, at times, within and by our perception of it.
Thus, together, righting the wrong that, though we had little control in its cancerous growth, has been left malignant far too long.
May you remain pure of heart,
May we all smile upon meeting in the darkness
-Maharishi Sirsananda

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